Spiritual healing takes into consideration that all aspects of life start in the spiritual before they materialize or are experienced on the physical level.

There may be contributing factors on the physical level but there seems to always be a spiritual component.  When you clear or heal the contributing factors on the spiritual level, you can more easily change the effects that are experienced on the physical level.

When there is history of contributing factors or memories that affect a particular area of life, whether spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, financial, relationship, etc., if you release, clear or heal that history on the spiritual level, changes occur where may be visible. Even if you take physical action to change something, when the spiritual aspect is addressed first or in conjunction, the physical effort goes smoother or easier.

Sometimes when you heal the spiritual, physical action is no longer necessary.  In spiritual healing, we are connecting with Divinity, an omnipotent power, who knows our blueprint, our history, our circumstances and our possibilities as well as all in creation. By connecting the subconscious, the memory bank and computer of the individual, to Divinity, allowing the subconscious to work directly releasing the information and emotion stored, more effortless change and positive outcomes can occur.

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