It is time!

This is the final battle of will. The will to choose – dark or light; good or bad; love or hate; peace.

It is from within the heart you must choose. You may have chosen on a soul level but on the physical you must choose within your heart. You must choose peace for me to give you peace. How can I give you what you don’t ask for? If someone really wants peace, they will become peaceful. They choose peace in each moment. The intention and commitment to choice and preference makes all the difference in the world. A passing thought of “I want peace” doesn’t do it for me. I want commitment within your heart.

That is how all manifestation occurs. Unless someone is clear within with that which they want to receive, they don’t receive it. I gave free will to this planet. All have that free will choice. This is the choice I am giving all today.

Do you want peace?

Go within your heart and choose from there. Not with the intellect that has been running this planet.

Choose from within your heart.

And, once you choose peace from within your heart, live from that choice.

I will know. For I always know. I know what is within your heart, each and every one of you. I love you all but I don’t always like you all. The way you treat yourself, your children, your parents, your spouses and each other is often appalling. Do I reward those who harm another? You want so much from me and from each other. Your expectations are so high at times.

What do I expect from you? I expect you to love yourself and others as I do you. Isn’t that enough? What more do you need? What more could you want?

When will love be enough?