I received this message from God:

“People have been struggling for an eternity. It is time to stop. They have a bright future ahead of them should they choose to let go of the past and the harm that has befallen them during the years they have lived here on earth.

All will be set free upon their relinquishing their troubles from the past. Their fears are based on their past. Once they let go of the past, they are set free to be, do, and have all that is possible to them by divine right. I hold nothing back. They block receiving.”

In my work clearing the painful past, I see what is carried over lifetime after lifetime within the subconscious. People have experienced numerous negative situations that color their current outcomes. The subconscious projects what it recalls from within out into the world and attracts back to it the circumstances it reflects. How you block receiving is by replaying these memories and emotions experiencing them as if they are a current reality limiting what you are able to attract. The more you are able to let go of those harmful memories, the more you are set free and their vibration increases. As your vibration increases, your experiences improve.

One of the culprits to receiving I often see is guilt. When you can’t let go of their own guilt from past mistakes, you limit yourself from receiving. There are so many nuances holding people back that are within their subconscious. Each time you release a layer or layers of memory or emotion, you free yourself to more easily improve your outcomes.

I see the trauma of the past experience and feel the emotions still within the subconscious memory. Fortunately, I am able to easily clear and release both the negative memory and emotions through a spiritual healing process so my client can effortlessly let go and be freed of those memories and emotions that are blocking their full self expression and their ability to receive what is possible.

As God said, your ability to receive is what limits his ability to give to you. He holds nothing back. Clear your past and change your future has been my tag line and that is why.