I have many enemies. Countless I might add. It is amazing considering they are in My heart and yet they judge Me, blame Me, make me wrong for all their issues and problems. No one would have an issue or problem if they were connected and bound to Me. I bring forth effortlessness, peace and prosperity and love beyond understanding. They miss out on that in their moments of judgments. 

You do the same, the same as anyone else when they judge another. It is a shame that so many are wrapped up in their judgments when they only have themselves to blame. How are they to blame? By separating themselves from Me. For, I created them. I love them beyond measure. I want what is best for them. And, yet they struggle and blame Me. Why? Because they are lost and frightened and acting out in desperation. Desperate pleas for peace, understanding and accepting. Yet, they blame me when it is they who have separated themselves from Me.

By bringing them home to Me, they will once again know peace. They can be restored to the glory of God that resides within them – each and every one of them. No one need be harmed, suffer, go without, not have love, etc. Everyone deserves to be nourished both heart and soul.

What I say to you and ask of you, please be tolerant of others. Do not judge them for their failings to see the light in the moment or in the whole. They don’t see the light because they are lost. Remind them where to look – within. Within to that small voice within. Within their heart, within their soul – there I lie in wait. They only have to look within. I am there for each and every one of them when they are ready to look at themselves. 

But, they won’t look at themselves because they are ashamed and frightened about what they will see. Until someone is ready to look at themselves, they won’t find Me because I reside within them. 

As long as they continue to look outside of themselves, I will elude them. Not that I am not out there as well. I am everyone they look and within everyone to whom they speak. However, when someone does not know I reside within themselves, they will not recognize me in others.

It is a shame – such a shame. That which they seek the most resides within them and yet they miss Me as they search in clothes, items to make themselves feel better and look better, in cars they drive, in homes they purchase – all to find what I provide within a breath away. They seek expensive things to show their worth and make them feel worthy.

No one can be anymore worthy than another consider I lie at the base of each and everyone one of you. How could a part of me be worth more than another part of me? 

What you demonstrate to Me and to the world, however, is your view point of who you think you are. How you present yourself to the world is more a statement of your own belief of who you are than what I necessarily think you are or what you really are. 

When you let go of all the outer stuff, the inner stuff of what you are made comes through – shines through. The light within will outshine any fancy outfit someone thinks they could wear. The inner light will attract more to you than any outer outfit. Yes, looks matter, especially to those who live in surface world. When someone is touched by someone of the light, however, they are never the same whether they realize it or not. When that light is on in one and they touch another, that light goes on it them or increases.  

Peace be with you. 

Peace Peace Peace