On Thursday, March 28, 2013, the day before Good Friday, I was guided to do a clearing on suffering. This audio channeling of God came through following that clearing. In this case, we had a client who could represent mankind in the clearing so the message not only addressed her specifically but was directed to all.

It was quite a strong message and one that I was asked to make sure I made public on Easter. It was evident that God is trying to make changes and our resistance to letting go of the past is holding not only him back but everyone. He’s perspective certainly goes beyond our limited one and listening to this message again reminds me that he sees things differently than we are commonly taught to believe is important.

I am grateful for all the efforts to bring forth peace on earth to which this message addresses from God on Jesus, guilt, shame, etc.



I sent my only begotten son to die for your sins; not for your sins to die for you. You, have the opportunity here to heal a pain so great it has ripped the hearts of mankind to its core. For I sent my only begotten son to save the world and those of you who chose to kill my gift have suffered long enough. It is time for the past to be clear and all man to be set free in order for a new beginning to befall you. For all of you who choose to continue to live in the past, you will remain in the past, while the rest will move on.

Is there anything that would ever justify killing another? I think not. But, living with that for an eternity does not solve anything and it does not allow for growth or expansion to occur. When you live in sorrow, regret, guilt, shame, you stay there rather than learn from the error. By living in the error, you magnify the error. By letting go of the error, the error heals. So, it is always your choice. Live in the error; learn from the error.

Jesus came down from the cross a long time ago. Most of the rest of you haven’t. You still live in it. On it. Around it. Through it. Jesus forgave his enemies for knowing not what they do. And, you can’t even forgive yourself for knowing not what you do. Let it go or you don’t move on. Don’t move on, you hold everyone else up to. It is always your choice.

You live in the moment or you live in the past. The past is over and you can leave the suffering there also. I don’t want my people to suffer any longer. But I can’t take your suffering away unless you let it go and turn it over to me. Choice. It is always your choice. But this resistance that you all have here to moving forward is holding all mankind back.

We want to restore peace and balance to the world. And you won’t let it happen if you don’t give it up. You continue with your battles. Those battles you have within and you prevent heaven on earth from occurring. We only want what’s best for you. Isn’t it time for you to want the same for yourself and others. I am going to ask you today to let it go. If you don’t let it go, you are the one that is that’s being crucified and is holding yourself on that cross. Jesus came down. Why can’t you? There is no honor in shedding a moment of blood longer than necessary. I want to restore this planet to peace. Peace cannot be restored when people are fighting me.

This week is the end of an era. Will you allow it to end? Or, would you like to stay here? Do you wish to continue to suffer? The choice is yours. If you continue to analyze why you will just continue to torture yourself. If you think you can figure it out, you let me know what you come up with. I cannot come up with a list of a reasons why you should continue to suffer. You must come up with your own list or let it go.

The time for renewal is here. A long awaited time and we would like to move on. You, my dear, are representing mankind in your resistance. As much as you say you want to move on, you do not. Until you are truly ready you to let go and surrender and allow what is to be unfold.

You have two choices here. Let go and choose me. OR, continue as you have. I take no prisoners. I have never taken away free will. I will never take away free will. You operate your world from within you. You can join me in mine or try to do it on your own. I do not need to explain to you why I want you to give up your guilt. I don’t need to explain anything to you.

I am just asking you to make a choice. Which would you prefer, suffer or bliss? It is always your choice. I will never take that away from you.