The trouble people are experiencing now is their memories are triggered, coming to the surface to be released. Until they fully release them, they will feel challenged.

Many of the energies felt these days are these old memories coming to the surface as well as the shifts in the energies of the planet overall. Many are challenged by both and can’t figure out why they are more sensitive or troubled than usual. Or, that more problems seem to be occurring than ususal.

For others, things have become a breeze and we like seeing that expression of life from you. We hate to see you struggle. Those that aren’t struggling have either let go of their past and karma sufficiently or have raised their vibration high enough not to be impacted as others have been as of late.

It will all pass. It will all pass soon enough. The important thing is for everyone to be mindful of their choices. Choosing the light and being open to evolving right now will embrace change more effortlessly than those who resist it.

Archangel Michael