A young man I work with regularly had a question one day about getting a tattoo. I told him that there are issues connected to getting a tattoo that are beyond the obvious. Tattoos can block the flow of energy through the meridians of the body, for example. You would also want to clear with the tattoo artist, tools, inks, etc. as they have an energetic component that could have a negative impact the person as well.

I recommended clearing with the whole subject before moving forward so he make the decision based on what is for his highest and best good and without attachments or influences contributing to the reason he wanted or didn’t want the tattoo. We aren’t always clear on our own motivations as they are often hidden under the obvious.

During the session, where we were going to address the subject, I tuned in and was told the issue was regarding independence. When I looked further, I was able to identify the contributing issue was oppression suffered by his ancestors. Many of the members of his family tree had experienced one form of oppression or another. I cleared the whole family tree as well as all his past lives of oppression during our brief session together.

Although we work together regularly, this particular clearing exhausted him more so than others. There is a cellular connection to our memories. Sometimes my clients feel energized following a session and others or at other times may feel tired. Sometimes they don’t feel anything. It always depends on the particular dynamics of the topic. In his case, following that particular subject being cleared, he felt exhausted.

When we spoke the following week, however, I could tell a distinct difference in his personality and energy.