The fears that abide in your world are old – ancient actually. They have been carried over lifetime after lifetime. Needless worry abounds within your daily existence. The fear of illness, money issues, something going wrong, etc. are all common thought and experience among humanity. These thoughts permeate the ethers and bring forth the expression and realization of those thoughts. There are those of you who have chosen the light – an inner knowing of more than exists in just the outer expression of life as you know it. The darkness is the unevolved.

Those that still struggle are struggling in the dark. As more souls become enlightened, the darkness takes hold on itself for fear of letting go of what it once held precious – that which they could see and believe to be true. Those that are waking up to the new realities of existence are bringing forth new possibilities to them. Those that are clinging to the old and outmoded ideas of evidence and so-called historical proof, are struggling to maintain a belief in the past they were taught as truth. The underpinnings of these beliefs are often based on misinformation and false ideas and beliefs.

People are so worried about what is going on across the world but neglect their own. The focus needs be on the individual and how the individual is expressing and experiencing fear within their own life. Look at the self. Heal the self of fear. As more and more fear is released from within, that fear is replaced by light. The more light there is within, the more light there is the world.

If everyone committed to releasing all fear from within, the more light there would be and the more peace there would be on the planet. Take the focus off what the other guy is doing and focus on the self. Release the fear from within every cell in the body, from within all memory and there will be more peace on the planet.

All are responsible for creating peace in the world but the world must be your own world before concern for the lack of peace within others. If everyone focused on illuminating their own life and bringing their own world to a place of peace, you would eventually have peace on earth.

Archangel Michael