People are blaming the economy on something outside of themselves rather than look at themselves and what was within them that attracted the occurrences they are experiencing today. It is only important to look at yourself and judge for yourself your worthiness and clean up where you are not. Let go of guilt, greed, lust, and all other imbalances that keep you stuck in the traumas of today. 


Let go of the past deeds and thoughts that are within you that have created the circumstances that are unpleasing to you today. Do not look outside of yourself for the answers for the answers lie within each and everyone of you.


Look at yourself and no one else. As no one is to blame, not even you. You are all victims of ignorance in one way or another. It is time to wake up, however, and take responsibility for the affairs of today and stop blaming another. Take responsibility for the realities you experience today as the cause as well as the solution lies within you equally.