Abraham and Isaac Laurent de La Hire, 1650

Abraham and Isaac
Laurent de La Hire, 1650

The Story of Abraham and Isaac

At this time in history, it was common for people to sacrifice something to the gods, their idols. It was a time of great upheaval and control. People were controlled by the superstitions placed upon them. It was a time of great terror.

Abraham stood out in the crowd, however, as someone who went within and touched that part of him that connected him to his God Source. Because of that, he was able to receive his own divine guidance. That divine guidance set him apart. He became someone to contend with at the time because he began to question that which he was being told by those in authority. He didn’t automatically succumb to the terrors and ideas placed upon him. He realized his own truth and his own truth set him free. He no longer had to succumb to the tyranny of the times. He became an independent thinker. It was that independent thinking that they had to control and manage. It brought terror to the hearts and minds of those in power because Abraham was beginning to teach that which he was learning from his direct connection to Source. He was eager to share his insights. Dark forces, therefore, had to take matters into their own hands.

He was devout in his adherence to the guidance he received. He, therefore, made an example of himself as to what he received and followed. He did so diligently. What darkness did was create the whole story about Isaac so people could see how terrible the possibility of following God might be. If he, in fact, could ask someone to kill his own son, maybe he could actually go through with it. It was a harrowing story for all. No one went unscathed by this story. This story terrorized the masses throughout eternity.

It is now ready to be cleared to set yourself free and all those who have doubts about following God as they will no longer feel terrorized questioning what will it be that God will expect of them to do. What if God asks them to do something challenging such as this? What if they cannot measure up, fulfill what they have been asked and then worry about what punishment will befall them in response to their weakness and inability to follow through on the task at hand. This state of terror lies within you all in one way or another. This is ready to come off and that is one of the reasons we are here. This is a signficant event that is holding back mankind from embracing God at this time. We wish to clear this is order to have freedom around the subject of following God.

Once this fear is removed, all will feel free to choose without the threats of tyranny.



Following this post, I asked God directly to comment on the story of Abraham and Isaac. I shared his response here.